Individual Counseling and Coaching

One on One Coaching

Specifically tailored programs to meet your individual needs and concerns.

  • We begin by reviewing your Wellness Barometer Questionnaire, current lifestyle, and goals to develop your personal plan.
  • Optional DNA test* to personalize your nutrition is also available. See brochure download below. 
  • We will get to the "why" of the changes we discuss and develop a fluid program aimed at getting you closer to your goals with a more balanced life
  • We will meet twice a month in-person, virtually, or by telephone
  • I will provide you with motivation, accountability, and resources to support you on this journey (Resources include recipes, food samples, handouts, recommendations on apps, websites, and tools)
  • You will provide the willingness and openness to change and try new ideas
  • Text/e-mail support between sessions
  • Minimum of a three (3) month commitment


Meal Planning

Personalized meal plans with recipes, a smart grocery list, a food prep guide, and weekly tips delivered to your inbox. Recipes are scalable and various packages available. See the video below. 


Recharge Sessions

After the initial one on one coaching program, refresher sessions are available to help keep you on track or give a little boost if you have swayed off.

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