Here's what people are saying about Karen and Epicure Nutrition

"Karen is relentless and won't give up until she's helped you achieve your happiest and healthiest self."

     Kristen Rindress, RD



"Karen has what it takes to keep you motivated and works really hard to make sure you're holding yourself accountable. It's important to have someone like Karen to keep you on task and it makes you feel proud during each session when you can share your progress with her. She's down to earth, kind and caring but she can also be tough and frank when necessary.


Thanks so much for helping me feel a little better after each session. It was a pleasure to see your smiling face during each session.


Karen is like bootcamp but with dessert. She's tough tough tough but she makes you feel so great!

Karen WILL help. That's what she does.


Karen makes it so much easier to smile when I look in the mirror each day. With her help it's easier to wake up and feel excited about each and every day. "

     Scott Risner, Corporate Trainer & Actor



"Karen's knowledge and experience with vegetarian foods is a great asset, including her long list of easy to make recipes. When I look up a recipe online, there are lots of medium to lengthy ingredient lists and time requiring recipes.  Karen brings to the table (no pun intended but what the heck) recipes that are easy and fast. The easier ones are especially helpful because of our busy lives. Of course there’s also that she is as smart as a whip."

     Fred Ochs, Actor



"Karen has been leading people to health for many years as a facilitator and coach.  One of her biggest strengths is her ability to really listen to her clients, getting to the heart of their wellness issues and creating action plans that are tailored to the individual.  She’s sensitive to personal needs and flexible with her recommendations while still holding her clients accountable for their progress."

     Jennifer Valentine, Event Producer



"I have worked with Karen for the last 2 years and I have always found her to be a very responsible and dependable  person. She will always keep her commitments." 

     Lucas Boladian, TAT Specialist

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